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The Funny Thing About Photography And Social Change

The art, artist and the medium in which they are expressed are constantly evolving. They move with the times, with the trends and even the political climate. When feelings are expressed through art and those art forms start a new way of thinking then in effect social change occurs. Today, there has been a craze in the field of photography and artists from this field are beginning to emerge.

They take more than just photos or mere portraits, not at all, but they immortalize images that no words can easily describe.  They awaken emotions and this is what makes it art. When the heart skips a beat when one gazes at a picture of a dying soldier or a young child being held in his mother’s arms in the middle of a gun fight is more than heartbreaking, that is art. No amount of words can describe the scene unlike that of a photo.

The Debate On Photography Being Art

Art photography has been likened to the impressionist paintings of Monet, Renoir, Degas and even Van Gogh. The works of these artists have stood the popular trends and even to this day still garner the same amount of awe as they have during their time. Though, during their period, not all of these artists were even considered to be worthy of the title at first glance.

Same holds true for the emerging photographers now that have incited a mixed range of emotions by the images they have captured. To the common art ignoramus, the fact that an image is able to excite, sadden or inspire is a already considered to be art. Art exhibits showing their pieces have been opened to mix reviews and critics have found some works to be very much worthy of praise. This is more than enough acknowledgement recognizing photography as indeed a form of art.

Photography And Social Change

Perhaps complicating the debate is the ubiquity of photography in everyday life. If photography is art, where does one draw the line, or do they draw one at all? To some critics, the Facebook selfie will never achieve museum status, while to others, all forms of photography should be embraced as art, whether it’s lowbrow popular cinema or the self-improvement shots you’d find in an Insanity Workout review or similar forum.

Photographs, like paintings, can paint a thousand words. Pictures taken from the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Syria have raised awareness in the situation there. This awareness has put into action social changes that are changing government, people and even political doctrines.

Documentary photography has been one of the most effective mediums used to encourage social change. The chronicling of historic events or the progressive narration of present events makes this a moving tool that has captured the essence of life as seen through the lens of the photographer or the artist.

Impressionism in photography is explained in the same way as that of paintings. It is not what is looks like that makes it art, but rather how it was seen through the lens of the photographer. Even if it is just a picture of a mountain, it is not just the mountain that an artist sees, but he also intends to capture the trees lining the slope and even the curve of the hill. This is what makes photography a form of art although it is also used in educational programs such as the accredited hooked on phonics education system. When the picture captures images that incite feeling, then it can also incite social change in one way or the other.