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Getting To Know International Centre Of Art For Social Change Better

The International Centre Of Art For Social Change or ICASC is a website dedicated to support artist that want to effect social change. Students can enroll in the academy and get involved in the many programs that they offer. This institution recognizes the need to give emerging talents a forum to blossom and grow. Many aspiring artists have been discouraged to indulge in their love since the facilities that encourage artistic expressions come far in between.

The Beginning Of ICASC

ICASC was founded by the Judith Marcuse Projects to give a helping hand to various organizations that delve into art for social change. These organizations are located beyond the borders of Canada and the United States. These men and women of the arts have discovered the urgency of training, educating and even garnering international contacts in order to gain growth in their field of artistic interest.

Since then, they have effectively used new techniques as various institutions and organizations (whether government or non-government) have seen the resounding effect art has on social change and vice versa. The many world issues today such as racism, HIV/AIDS, hunger, poverty and even the recent proposition 14 have moved countless artists into expression. This surge of energy is all well and good but without the proper guidance it just becomes another drawing on the side of a milk box.

The Reason For Being

This type of misguidance among young artist is what moved the ICASC into action. They organized their strength to reach out to the many artists around the world and offer them guidance in their chosen discipline. Instructors are more than willing to part with the knowledge they have collected through the years as they have also recognized that art is important in making people discover how to see the world in a different light.

The primary instructors and founders of this wonderful institution have seen the lack of options for those who want to pursue further studies in the field of arts for social change. They offer willing students the chance to work with and learn from senior and seasoned artists in their own fields. A mentorship program comes along with the learning experience making sure that a true artist emerges from the program. There are fixed courses available for those who wish to take a formal learning approach.

Young artists that want to make a difference through the art they produce are encouraged to join. These young kids will be introduced to other passionate artists such as themselves and the chance to exchange ideas will lead to a more interesting work of art. Guidance and proper teachings will be taught by mentors who are renowned in their field. A big bonus is the chance for students to immerse themselves in communities and dialogues making them more in tune with the current issues of the world. There is no limit to the imagination and like a flowing river; these passions need to be harnessed in the right direction. There is no doubt that art and social change are almost symbiotic with one another.