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Music And Social Change- How They Have Changed The World

There is no better way to measure how far society has evolved but through music. It has been the vessel used to express emotions when words do not seem to be enough. The soft hum of the violin or even the sharp notes from the electric guitar are more than enough to express  joy, pain, longing and all other feelings that do not require words. But, put words and music together and the artist has a tool that can awaken a thousand souls all at once.

Music has long been accepted as a tool for social change but not many realize that social change affects music as well. These two go hand in hand and the ever changing times also call for music to change along with it. Simply listen to the songs of Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell and even U2 and one can have a deeper understanding of how art and social change live off one another. These great artists have carved a niche in the music museums and have even managed to change political climates in some countries.

Music artists have bonded over such issues as HIV/ AIDS, strife in Darfur, saving the Panda and other social issues that have affected millions of people worldwide. It is issues like these that often go unnoticed or that the world’s leaders have simply decided to put it in the back burner. Social responsibility is not meant to be a burden for ordinary citizens and these brave artists have found a need to be needed. Their involvement in countless organizations scattered all over the world have helped spread awareness and even funding for their cause.

They themselves have become vessels of social change, affecting their immediate communities and encouraging their avid followers to help. Now, thanks to them, concert benefits have been organized all over the world to help impoverished countries, calamity hit states and even raising food for starving children. They have done so by harnessing their power in the industry and letting good money go to those who deserve it.

Do not forget to acknowledge the power that music, in itself, has been able to change society and even the government and even the occasional tria laser hair removal review. Every one listens to good music, it is just a shame that most mainstream tunes that hit local radio right not are really crappy in nature. However, every once in a while, a beautiful melody makes its way into the hearts and minds of men which ignites a fire in them and causes a stir. This stir is what moves governments and powers revolutions.

Social change and music are like two hearts with one beat. They beat as fast as the drums in the jungles of Africa and as deep as the gongs in China. Truly, art in music comes like a bolt of lightning in the midnight sky. But when it does happen, it can light up the whole sky, even if it lasts not even for a second. This power is the same for music and the way it ignites social change.